Best Hair Colours for Back Women

At we think that just like makeup, finding the most flattering hair colour depends on your skin colour. It must complement your complexion better than others do. If you have a darker complexion and have been rocking the same hair colour for a while, here are some stunning colours that complement dark skin tones.

Honey Browns and Blonde Highlights (our pick)

Honey brown mane and dark skin tones are a great contrast that looks dashing combined with warm, yellow highlights that resembles the cream on your morning coffee. Cool undertone that gives the strands a pale blonde colour and silver tint also look great. The best blonde colours for darker skins include Cream, Lilac, Silver, Honey, Champagne, Dark and Golden Blonde.

Cool and Warm Browns

Some of the dashing picks of brown hair color range from the cool-toned brown hue to the oh-so-flattering colors that look beautiful on those with warm, dark skin tones and include Expresso, Cinnamon, Chocolate, Bronze, Mahogany, and Chestnut browns.


Rose Gold

Rose Gold is a pink with a hint of yellow undertone that offers vibrant shades with hues that will light up your complexion. Rose Gold colours can also include Mauve Pink, Dusty Pink, Copper Pink and Pastel pink.


Jet Black

Subtle, classy, mystique and quite saturated. Black offers other variant colors as Soft, Bright, Sapphire, True Black, Violet Black, and Denim shades.

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