You have made your decision and you have obtained a REINASS HAIR raw human hair wig. The next step involves ensuring that the wig lasts for the longest time and we have some tips to help you with this.



To keep tangling issues at the bare minimum, you will need to comb your hair after washing it and on a daily basis. If your hair becomes tangled, avoid trying to untangle it when it is dry. Before detangling it, spray it with water and a bit of conditioner first. When detangling, ensure that you start at the ends and work your way slowly to the root. Use one hand to hold the base. This keeps your hair from shedding.



We recommend washing your wig very gently once/twice a month. Just fill a container with approx. 2 litres of warm water and some hair moisturiser. Deep the hair into the water and leave it for a good 20 minutes. Next thing you want to do is rinsing the hair under the tap always very gently and leave it air-dry for the time needed. Once the hair is dry you can re-style it at your convenience. Avoid brushing the hair while washing.



You have to do this very carefully and gently. This is to make sure that you avoid causing root tension. Also, avoid extreme tugging since it may cause hair loss. We recommend using hands to arrange the hair on very curly wigs instead.



For a better maintenance, you should braid or wrap your hair before you go to sleep. Before braiding, ensure that your hair is untangled. Avoid sleeping on wet hair. Sleeping on wet hair has a major disadvantage of causing the hair to become matted.

We hope this information was helpful to you.