We all want hair that looks salon-perfect every moment of the day and every day of the week. Needless to say, the work required to keep those tresses in check and keep them silky smooth is a different ballgame altogether. So, if you’re unable to allow some time each day to care for your hair, then incorporating these few tips into your daily routine can help you keep your wigs and waves looking good, all day, every day.


Protect the hair

One of the major factors that is leading to hair damage these days is increased exposure to heat. Whether it is the heat emitted from curlers, blow dryers, or other hair treatments. Always use a heat protector before you apply any equipment such as straighteners or tongs to your hair. At last but not least, wear a hair scarf to wrap the hair at night before going to bed. This routine will keep your hair, wig and waves looking better for longer.


Keep your wigs and waves clean

A clean hair spells healthy hair. Avoid oily and debris buildup on your hair units by shampooing and deep moisturizing. How often you should shampoo and what product you should use, depend totally on the type of hair texture you use. Try to wash your hair extensions and wigs at least once a month and use a sulfate-free shampoo to restore shine in your hair units.



Buy good brushes

Using the right tools to tend to the hair is one of the basic steps to keep a naturally healthy looking hair. Add a round brush to your hair tool kit for blow drying, and a tail comb for moving the hair around and parting. Keep your brushes clean of oil buildup and see them work wonders for your units.

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